Belal El-Atari Golf
Belal El-Atari is primarily known for his entrepreneurial endeavors, but some may be surprised to know that he has a passion for the game of golf. A lover of the great outdoors, Belal takes his talents to the golf course during his free time. Easily bored, golf is an exciting challenge for Belal El-Atari because it’s constantly changing and you never have the same shot twice. The different variables that can effect the game of golf like the weather, pin position, and speed of greens is never constant making it at challenging sport that Belal can’t help but get a thrill from. He often states, “Even if you had the best round of your life, you can always look back and say that you could have shot a better score if you had done this or that..”

Belal’s favorite golf course is Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, describing it as one of the most beautiful courses he has ever seen. When it comes to professional golfers, Belal’s favorites are Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson because of the excitement both bring to the game. A perfect day of golf for Belal El-Atari? 80 degrees and sunny with a light breeze.

Belal El Atari’s Favorite Golf Moments

Tiger Woods

2008 at Bay Hill when he sunk a 24 ft putt to win the 5th consecutive tournament.

Phil Mickelson

2010 Masters on hole number 13 where Phil Mickelson hit off the Pine Straw into a par 5 for a chance at an eagle putt. Phil ultimately went on to win the masters.

2013 British Open when Phil Mickelson hit another amazing shot on the 18th hole to seal the tournament. He sunk the putt and went on to win that tournament also.