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Top Players in Golf – Part 1

There are hundreds of professional golfers throughout the world. Some have been competing for many years, while others have only been playing for a few years. With hard work, skill and determination a golfer can be considered one of the top players in the world. Many factors go into determining who is the top player like which tournaments they are playing in and how well they did in said tournament. Although the order may shift according to official rankings, here’s a look at 2016’s top players in golf.

image of Jason Day - Top Golfers by Belal El-Atari

Jason Day via The Guardian

#1 Jason Day

This Australian professional golfer is currently ranked number one in the world. The first time he achieved the number one spot was in September of 2015. He has been in the number one position for eight weeks now. He has competed in a total of 214 events in his professional career, placing first in 11 of them. His best performance was the PGA Championship in 2015 where he placed first and set a new record scoring 20 strokes under par.

Image of Jordan Spieth - Top Golfers by Belal El-Atari

Jordan Spieth via

#2 Jordan Spieth

An American golfer from Texas takes the number two spot in the world. He has been excelling at golf from a very young age. He played his first professional tournament at the age of 16. He won two U.S. Junior Amateur Championships, which has only been done by two people (the other being Tiger Woods). The first time he reached number one in the world was June 2012. In 2015 he was named PGA Player of the Year.

Image of Rory McIlroy - Top Golfers by Belal El-Atari

Rory McIlroy via ABC Local

#3 Rory McIlroy

Currently number three in the world is this Northern Irish professional golfer. He is a member of both the European and PGA tours. He was number one in the world for 95 weeks, when he had the spot. He won his first European Tour in 2009 and a PGA tour in 2010. In 2012 he was the youngest player to reach $10 million in career earnings on the PGA tour. He has been named RTE Sports Person of the Year twice.

Image of Bubba Watson - Top Golfers by Belal El-Atari

Bubba Watson via Turner

#4 Bubba Watson

Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson, Jr. takes the number four spot in the world. The American golfer is one of the few left-handed golfers in the tour. In 2015 he reached his career-high of number two on the Official World Golf Ranking. One of his best performances was in 2014 where he won the Masters Tournament. He also won the Masters in 2012.

Image of Rickie Fowler - Top Golfers by Belal El-Atari

Rickie Fowler via

#5 Rickie Fowler

The number five spot is currently held by Rickie Fowler. In 2007 and 2008 he held the number one spot for amateur golfers for a total of 37 weeks. Once he turned professional, his highest spot has been the fourth spot. One of his best performances came in 2015 where he won The Players Championship.

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In my next post I will cover 5 more outstanding golfers.


Belal El-Atari

Getting Away From the Trees


Uh oh! Looks like your ball went right under that tree. Probably going to be a difficult shot. Normally this would be true but you actually have quite a few options at your disposal. It’s important to take a lay of the area in which your ball is situated and really understand what the surroundings are like. The last thing you want to do is rush a shot and end up having it ricochete backwards, or worse, break your club on the tree. I recently discovered this helpful video that taught me about the options I have taking shots from under  a tree. Take a look and happy golfing!

This video provided by Golf Tips Magazine via YouTube

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Belal El-Atari

Bunker Busting


Have you ever got stuck in a bunker and not really been sure on how to get out? I know I certainly have and its no fun at all. There are a few tricks to properly striking the ball and lofting it out of the bunker and getting it close to the pin. No one likes landing in bunkers but they are a challenge everyone faces when they step onto the links. Take a look at this video I found to be extremely valuable for learning the tricks on how to bust the bunker.

Video provided by Golf Tips Magazine via YouTube


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Belal El-Atari

15 Year Old Qualifies for US Open

belal-el-atari-cole-hammerIf you hadn’t heard the breaking news yet, a 15 year old boy has qualified to play in this year’s US Open. It seems that every year that goes by there is a new phenomenon when it comes to the golfing community, whether it’s a new young superstar, a groundbreaking round, or the best trick shot ever seen.

Cole Hammer of Houston, Texas is the newest addition to the US Open amateur qualifiers. Cole shot 64-68 in Dallas, Texas to slip his way into the spotlight. Cole has already committed to the University of Texas when he was only 13 so he can compete with other golfers at a collegiate level when he finally joins the University in a few years.

Cole was quoted in saying, “This means the world to me. I’ve dreamed about it my whole life. It’s going to be awesome. This gives me a lot of confidence. I was coming in thinking I was a bit of a long shot, but why not? Just give it my best shot.”

Cole will be going head to head against professionals like Jordan Spieth, Cody Gribble, and more when he tees off June 18th, 2015. Cole joins some other young amateurs in his debut at the US Open like Andy Zhang, Tadd Fujikawa, and Tyrell Garth as being an excellent young golfer that has made international headlines.

Even though Cole has never won a national championship, or large junior amateur tournament he has won several local junior tournaments in Texas. The pressure will be high but I am personally rooting for Cole to make as much of an impact as possible. Best of luck Cole!


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Belal El-Atari

Tiger Woods Addresses Bullying

Although a lot of people may still view Tiger Woods as a bad guy, he has made some improvements and manages to help out where he can. Tiger recently wrote a letter to a troubled teen that has been the victim of bullying.

Golf Digest’s very own Ron Sirak has been working with LPGA touring pro Sophie Gustafson, who battles a severe stutter daily. Gustafson works and mentors people who have the same or similar issue as herself.

Gustafson has been working with a high school student named Dillon, who has been the victim of relentless bullying at school. Dillon’s torment almost drove him to drastic actions a few weeks ago, his mother reported. Gustafson has been in correspondence with Dillon’s mother who wrote this email:

“Wanted to give you update. “Things had been going well for awhile. He played football for the first time this year, however, he was teased about his stuttering and quit the team. He has really been struggling lately, feeling lonely due to the really does not have any close friends. On the week of April 16th, he had a bad week, he had been teased about his stuttering. That evening, he attempted suicide. He yelled downstairs ‘Good bye, I love you.’ Me and my husband immediately ran upstairs, his bedroom door was locked, we busted down the door and he was sitting on the window and was getting ready to jump. We were able to grab him and keep him from going head first onto the concrete below.”

Dillon’s mother told Gustafson that Dillon is still a huge Tiger Woods fan and he loves to watch Tiger play. She asked if there was any way that Tiger could be made aware of Dillon’s love and support for the player, as well as Dillon’s story.

The Bronx Receives Trump Style Luxury Golf Course

belal-el-atari-bronx-golfAfter a many years of planning, setbacks, re-organizing, and every other type of speed bump possible, the Bronx in New York finally received  luxury golf course. The Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point are located near the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge in the Throgs Neck section of the Bronx. The new urban golf course location will provide countless golfers with an opportunity to play the 18-hole course throughout the rest of Spring, all Summer, and even into the Fall.

belal-el-atari-donald-trumpGiven that the course is more well kept and offers high amenities players will be paying more to play. Being just outside Manhattan, thats also an expected piece of playing golf. The greens fees are almost triple that of the other courses in the city. City residents will pay $169 for weekend play whereas a non-city resident will pay $215. Golf carts are permitted on the course and are state of the art with top of the line GPS systems. There is also an interactive screen for players to use that will allow them to order food and beverages directly to their location on the course.

As many may recall, Donald Trump company won the bid to run the course, but what others may not know is that the course is built on a former landfill that was shut down in 1963. Although there are vents on the course for releasing methane gas, the grounds remain exceptionally clean and well tended.

The course is bordered by residential buildings on one side but the course offers beautiful views and wonderful geography attributes. The slightly hilly course has impeccable views of the Manhattan skyline and the East River.

Ruben Diaz Jr. the Bronx borough president, played this past Wednesday for the grand opening and was quoted in saying, “I’m out here on Day 1, letting people know that we have a world-class, P.G.A. links-style golf course right here in the boogie-down Bronx.”

Players are so excited to play on the new course that reservations for April have been booked extremely fast and far in advance. Ronald C. Lieberman, an executive VP of the Trump Organization said “Within 15 minutes all the prime time slots had sold out for every weekend,” when referring to the April reservations.

belal-el-atari-golf-club-houseWhat’s Next For The Course?:

Construction on a brand new $10million clubhouse will soon begin. For the meantime there is a temporary clubhouse with a pro shop and a grill. Donald Trump and his organization also hope the course will feature major tournaments with the P.G.A. and the even the Ryder Cups.