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Four Golfing Dream Destinations

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you choose to golf? I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. The thing with a dream list is that it just has to be international. As much as I enjoy the many golf courses of the US, if you’re going to create a wish list, you might as well throw some international travel in there. Below are four golfing destinations:

New Zealand

Kauri Cliffs

Kauri Cliffs / Flickr

Kauri Cliffs / Flickr

Situated right on the Pacific ocean, the Kauri Cliffs offer breathtaking views. It’s been the home to the 2003 match between Fred Couples and Michael Campbell and the PGA Tour’s Kiwi Challenge, and has received numerous awards. The course definitely is luxury destination with access to a Lodge and several beaches.

South Africa


Fancourt / Wikipedia

Fancourt / Wikipedia

In 2003, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els duked it out until nightfall over the President’s cup. After the match was closed, the cup was left contested for the first time ever. That yarn right there is enough for any golfing fan to want to visit Fancourt. That the courses are modeled on those of Scotland, were crafted with the consul of Gary Player, and are located in the gorgeous Garden Route is just icing on the cake.


Ho CHi Minh

Dong Nai Golf Resort /

Dong Nai Golf Resort /

Vietnam has become a surprisingly popular spot for golfing. No doubt the weight of the USD there is one reason many flock to Vietnam, but there are also a number of timeless factors make golfing there worth it, namely: the variety of stellar courses there, how the beautiful greenery is juxtaposed right next to beautiful beaches, and the outstanding culinary history of Vietnam.


Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton /

Cape Breton /

Canada might not seem that exotic of a destination, but just because it isn’t separated by a large body of water doesn’t mean it’s not exotic. That said, Cape Breton is separated by a small body of water. With a history steeped in Scottish culture (it’s in Nova Scotia) Cape Breton has amazing seafood, amazing seafood, and amazing golf. Cabot Links is one course in particular worth exploring.

What would your dream golfing destination be?

Belal El-Atari

Happy Birthday Tiger Woods!


The professional golfer turns forty today! He decided to celebrate the day despite the lingering questions about his future career that have been circulating the professional circuit recently.  No one has doubted that Woods has been one of the greatest players of all time, but they do wonder if that spark will ever return to the now middle aged player.

Tiger Woods was once ranked at the number one golfer in the world for around seven hundred weeks. Now, the golfer ranks at number four hundred and fourteen – which is quite the drop. He has not won a major since 2008, and a tournament since 2013. It’s hard to picture that he was once the golfer who won the Master by twelve strokes in 1997. However, in the past couple years, Woods has been plagued by numerous injuries, because of which he has to have various back and knee surgeries. As a result of these surgeries, Wood has moved to a new swing – which he has struggled with.

Besides injuries, Tiger has had to deal with the fall out of his marriage for the past several years. In 2009, Woods dealt with a cheating scandal that rocked the mainstream media and the golf world in a way it had never seen before. He addressed the scandal in an interview with Time magazine recently, along with the idea that “he has reconciled himself to not playing again if it came to that”.  However, that was a vastly different tune then to the PGA Tour blog, where he mentioned how excited he was for a return in 2016.

The golf world has noted that it would be a different feel if he was no longer apart of it. After all, the golfer has broken and held many different records, and changed the face of golf for many Americans.

Speaking to VOA News, Kuan Koa – a commentator for Golf Channel, said ““For us, we’ve been seeing him since he turned pro in 1997, won the Master’s at a very young age of 21. He had really brought the game across the globe pretty much because he’s a mixed race, and a lot of people can associate with him.  I think a lot of Asian people see him as Asian,  African-Americans see him as African-American.  Basically he was such a young prodigy, he brought the game of golf to the young crowd.”

For many, the return of Woods is an exciting idea. We can only wait and see what 2016 will hold for the golfer. In the meantime, once again, Happy Birthday Tiger Woods!