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Four Golfing Dream Destinations

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you choose to golf? I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. The thing with a dream list is that it just has to be international. As much as I enjoy the many golf courses of the US, if you’re going to create a wish list, you might as well throw some international travel in there. Below are four golfing destinations:

New Zealand

Kauri Cliffs

Kauri Cliffs / Flickr

Kauri Cliffs / Flickr

Situated right on the Pacific ocean, the Kauri Cliffs offer breathtaking views. It’s been the home to the 2003 match between Fred Couples and Michael Campbell and the PGA Tour’s Kiwi Challenge, and has received numerous awards. The course definitely is luxury destination with access to a Lodge and several beaches.

South Africa


Fancourt / Wikipedia

Fancourt / Wikipedia

In 2003, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els duked it out until nightfall over the President’s cup. After the match was closed, the cup was left contested for the first time ever. That yarn right there is enough for any golfing fan to want to visit Fancourt. That the courses are modeled on those of Scotland, were crafted with the consul of Gary Player, and are located in the gorgeous Garden Route is just icing on the cake.


Ho CHi Minh

Dong Nai Golf Resort /

Dong Nai Golf Resort /

Vietnam has become a surprisingly popular spot for golfing. No doubt the weight of the USD there is one reason many flock to Vietnam, but there are also a number of timeless factors make golfing there worth it, namely: the variety of stellar courses there, how the beautiful greenery is juxtaposed right next to beautiful beaches, and the outstanding culinary history of Vietnam.


Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton /

Cape Breton /

Canada might not seem that exotic of a destination, but just because it isn’t separated by a large body of water doesn’t mean it’s not exotic. That said, Cape Breton is separated by a small body of water. With a history steeped in Scottish culture (it’s in Nova Scotia) Cape Breton has amazing seafood, amazing seafood, and amazing golf. Cabot Links is one course in particular worth exploring.

What would your dream golfing destination be?

Belal El-Atari

15 Year Old Qualifies for US Open

belal-el-atari-cole-hammerIf you hadn’t heard the breaking news yet, a 15 year old boy has qualified to play in this year’s US Open. It seems that every year that goes by there is a new phenomenon when it comes to the golfing community, whether it’s a new young superstar, a groundbreaking round, or the best trick shot ever seen.

Cole Hammer of Houston, Texas is the newest addition to the US Open amateur qualifiers. Cole shot 64-68 in Dallas, Texas to slip his way into the spotlight. Cole has already committed to the University of Texas when he was only 13 so he can compete with other golfers at a collegiate level when he finally joins the University in a few years.

Cole was quoted in saying, “This means the world to me. I’ve dreamed about it my whole life. It’s going to be awesome. This gives me a lot of confidence. I was coming in thinking I was a bit of a long shot, but why not? Just give it my best shot.”

Cole will be going head to head against professionals like Jordan Spieth, Cody Gribble, and more when he tees off June 18th, 2015. Cole joins some other young amateurs in his debut at the US Open like Andy Zhang, Tadd Fujikawa, and Tyrell Garth as being an excellent young golfer that has made international headlines.

Even though Cole has never won a national championship, or large junior amateur tournament he has won several local junior tournaments in Texas. The pressure will be high but I am personally rooting for Cole to make as much of an impact as possible. Best of luck Cole!


Thank you for reading,

Belal El-Atari

The Bronx Receives Trump Style Luxury Golf Course

belal-el-atari-bronx-golfAfter a many years of planning, setbacks, re-organizing, and every other type of speed bump possible, the Bronx in New York finally received  luxury golf course. The Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point are located near the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge in the Throgs Neck section of the Bronx. The new urban golf course location will provide countless golfers with an opportunity to play the 18-hole course throughout the rest of Spring, all Summer, and even into the Fall.

belal-el-atari-donald-trumpGiven that the course is more well kept and offers high amenities players will be paying more to play. Being just outside Manhattan, thats also an expected piece of playing golf. The greens fees are almost triple that of the other courses in the city. City residents will pay $169 for weekend play whereas a non-city resident will pay $215. Golf carts are permitted on the course and are state of the art with top of the line GPS systems. There is also an interactive screen for players to use that will allow them to order food and beverages directly to their location on the course.

As many may recall, Donald Trump company won the bid to run the course, but what others may not know is that the course is built on a former landfill that was shut down in 1963. Although there are vents on the course for releasing methane gas, the grounds remain exceptionally clean and well tended.

The course is bordered by residential buildings on one side but the course offers beautiful views and wonderful geography attributes. The slightly hilly course has impeccable views of the Manhattan skyline and the East River.

Ruben Diaz Jr. the Bronx borough president, played this past Wednesday for the grand opening and was quoted in saying, “I’m out here on Day 1, letting people know that we have a world-class, P.G.A. links-style golf course right here in the boogie-down Bronx.”

Players are so excited to play on the new course that reservations for April have been booked extremely fast and far in advance. Ronald C. Lieberman, an executive VP of the Trump Organization said “Within 15 minutes all the prime time slots had sold out for every weekend,” when referring to the April reservations.

belal-el-atari-golf-club-houseWhat’s Next For The Course?:

Construction on a brand new $10million clubhouse will soon begin. For the meantime there is a temporary clubhouse with a pro shop and a grill. Donald Trump and his organization also hope the course will feature major tournaments with the P.G.A. and the even the Ryder Cups.

Olympic Golf Course Finished!


Some important news for all golfers and fans of golf has just been released. As you may know love to golf and am a huge supporter and fan of golf, so when I heard his news I knew I had to mark down some future dates on my calendar.

belal-golf-courseThe Olympic golf course in Rio de Janeiro is officially finished. Gil Hanse, lead designer for the golf course in the 2016 Olympics, reported on Monday the course finished construction. He also added that the team is in “full grow-in mode.” After numerous setbacks due to lawsuits and various other delays regarding the land and environmental concerns, the team has plowed forward and delivered a great course.

Hanse is extremely optimistic for the outcome of the course and has told sources the project is now running smoothly. After numerous setbacks it’s relieving to hear the course will be ready for the first tee-off of the 2016 Olympics.

Hanse is also very proud of the design. A sprawling and challenging course will not only test athletes but also change the way they play. The course’s last tees were sprigged in early December and the only thing that needs touching up is the driving range with new grass. Neil Cleverly, golf course superintendent has officially taken over this project.

He believes it will be a great addition to the games as golf makes its triumphant return to the world stage. The last time golf was included in the Olympics was in 1904 and has been long overdue for a return.