Some important news for all golfers and fans of golf has just been released. As you may know love to golf and am a huge supporter and fan of golf, so when I heard his news I knew I had to mark down some future dates on my calendar.

belal-golf-courseThe Olympic golf course in Rio de Janeiro is officially finished. Gil Hanse, lead designer for the golf course in the 2016 Olympics, reported on Monday the course finished construction. He also added that the team is in “full grow-in mode.” After numerous setbacks due to lawsuits and various other delays regarding the land and environmental concerns, the team has plowed forward and delivered a great course.

Hanse is extremely optimistic for the outcome of the course and has told sources the project is now running smoothly. After numerous setbacks it’s relieving to hear the course will be ready for the first tee-off of the 2016 Olympics.

Hanse is also very proud of the design. A sprawling and challenging course will not only test athletes but also change the way they play. The course’s last tees were sprigged in early December and the only thing that needs touching up is the driving range with new grass. Neil Cleverly, golf course superintendent has officially taken over this project.

He believes it will be a great addition to the games as golf makes its triumphant return to the world stage. The last time golf was included in the Olympics was in 1904 and has been long overdue for a return.